Introducing: Tristen Nguyen, DDS….

A couple days ago I recieved a call from Tristen Nguyen of Total Tooth Fitness. She wanted some new photos for her website, it was a relatively short call. My Wednesday morning went from clear to booked in about 5 minutes.

Upon arrival into the clinic, I quickly noticed that this was no run-of-the-mill clinic. There was gourmet coffee brewing, the stack of magazines neat, comfortable seating, and great decor you normally wouldn’t see in a dental office.

As I sat, waiting for Tristen, her clients Dennis and Lily told me how well she treats her patients. It was very clear that they love their Dentist.  Without having to say one word to me, I understood why her clinic is nominated by Best of the Bay TV as one of the best around.

santa monica

santa monica

santa monica

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed your stay! Please check out my other Portraits.




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