Kung Hee Fat Choi! (Happy New Year!)

I attended my first parade this year. It was the Golden Dragon Parade on Broadway for the the Chinese New Year.

I was invited by Garrick of “They Shoot Film” an art collective spanning across the country.

We started the morning off at the Golden Dragon Restaurant for some dim-sum.

After our delicious lunch, we hit the streets for some good ol’ fashion, people watching.

Red was the theme of the day, however that doesn’t mean it lacked colors.  The people of Los Angeles brought their own eclectic twist on the Festival.

Everyone and their mother was there! Street Vendors, photographers, families, high school bands, people who brought Japanese umbrellas, the mayor, and kung fu fighting kids!

Los Angeles

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los angles

los angeles

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los angeleslos angeles

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  1. garrick says:

    niiice! good times man!

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