Check it out. My year. In Photos.

A couple weeks ago, I was on the iPad2 on some Reader App looking through Time Magazine, LIFE Magazine and some other publication’s”Year in Photos”. And it gave me an idea, I’ve had a long year, and it’s really been crazy. I haven’t had two projects that were the same, it’s all be such a great and wonderful experience. If we didn’t have calendars, I wouldn’t know where to start.

¬†Under each photo there’ll be a short story about why I picked it as my favorite photo.


los angeles corporate portrait photographerThe Dentist- She was amazing to work with, she initially wanted just a regular portrait session, but after talking for a few minutes, I was able to convince her to let me sit in and photographer her at work.



socal headshot photographerKaity. Kaitlyn is an old friend from high school. I don’t keep in contact with her as well as I should, I owe her alot. She introduced me to my wife.


orange county wedding photography

The Last Dance, from Alex and Espy’s Wedding. I noticed this gentleman pushing his wife into the wedding venue earlier that day. She spent most of the day in her wheelchair, but when they played the last song, she whispered something to her husband and he helped her up. Alex and Espy told me that she had been battling cancer for quite some time and that their wedding was the first time she got out in a very long time.


southern california product photographyAres Armor. These guys brought me out to Oceanside to photograph their Sling. A simple design that can save a warfighter’s life on the battlefield.


los angeles fashion photographer

Sheree. Me and her go back all the way through high school. After I switched in during the middle of my Junior year, I didn’t know a soul. Sheree was quick to make friends with me and keep me company.


military family photographerPinky+Stinky 365. Communication.  A memory straight from my head. After a long day of training we were sometimes rewarded with the opportunity to write back to our loved ones. Most of the writing that occured during lights out took place under a red light to prevent others from waking up. This photo involved zero photoshop work, it was shot in a single frame.


apple valley weddingsMTV from Josh and Theresa’s wedding. MTV gave me a call asking if I had any younger clients who were interested in having their wedding day. I had never worked with such a large entity during a wedding with over 6 videographers and a crane operator, and it was definitely experience. This gentleman is a sound technician partaking in some red velvet cake, note the cheeky wedding attire.


rifle photosBOOM! The guys at Ares Armor brought me out to a private range in Southern California. I was there to take some video footage of the group for an instructional video for their sling. I’ve been around guns before, but never as a photographer, standing next to what people are shooting at.(No photographers were harmed during that day.)


los angeles car photographer4 car pile up. We had just gotten on the freeway, then traffic abruptly stopped. I was able to stop within inches of hitting the car in front of me, but the driver four cars behind me had no such luck. He ended up causing a chain reaction that would delay our photo session for that night.


los angeles wedding photosthe boot. I didn’t think it was possible, but this image marked my first year focusing on weddings primarily. I still photograph other things, but 80% of my work is wedding related.


laguna beach wedding photographer

2 year anniversary. She’s my inspiration and I swear she pushes me to be a better photographer everyday. I owe her everything. I thank God for her everday.

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Happy New Year!





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