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On a whim, I drove down to Long Beach. It had taken a while to get the camera bag packed up, so I left the house at about 5:35am with only a bit of time before the sun went up.

The sky had gone from black to a dark orange. I wasn’t going to let the sun beat me there.

I parked at the nearest possible location for a good photo.

The sun rose. The moment it peeked over the horizon would be forever burned in my memory.

After an exhilarating morning drive, I felt a stillness. I clutched my bag and pulled out my camera…

long beach

After witnessing this, I made my over to one of my favorite shooting locations, The pier. Where I was able to observe one surfer waiting for the swell to come in. He was the only person at the beach other than me.  He noticed me on the pier through a nod we both knew that it was only a matter of time before more people would come.

los angeles

The waves crashed against the pier, loud and roaring like a lion. I got on the sand and walked on. I kept the camera in hand for whatever came my way.

During my walk, I met these surfers, they were still in high school, I suppose the beach seemed like a better idea than the classroom for today. It reminds me of the antics I used to do when I was their age. One of the times I did ditch, was to this location.

los angeles

los angeles

los angeles

Before I knew it. It was 1100am and the lack of sleep had finally caught up to me. Time to go home.